Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Learning Something About Patience

Christmas of 2013 was a special time for us...

we were being called to bring 

our second child home from China.

We knew in our hearts, somewhere in China,

a precious baby needed a family, 

and right here in the U.S.,

we had the room, resources, love 

and ability to be that family.

I never sought out to have four kids.

I felt quite complete with two.

But, when I stepped aside from my "to do" list, 

and let God take over... a miracle happened.

We received a precious gift...

our first daughter, Raimey.

She was 2 1/2 years old, weighed 21 pounds...

and her parents were just as proud that day 

as the day they birthed their first and second children.

Raimey grew, blossomed, and never skipped a beat 

when she entered our family.

She knew she was home....

where she was always meant to be.

When two years later, God called us to another daughter....

we were much quicker to hear His call.

And just like He led us to our daughter, Raimey,

He brought us right to our daughter, Bryley.

This process would be 

much easier,

or so I thought.

I mean...I learned so much 

after navigating our first 


But then, some things never change.

Seeing a child, a world away, waiting

for her mom and dad, 

racing through paperwork to bring her home...

to be met with governmental delays.

 It just does not get easier.

Instead, the injustice of it all 

breaks your heart a little deeper.

Your arms ache, 

you cry for the baby you love,

and she remains a world away.

And yet, God promises us this child,

"I prayed for this child, and the LORD has
granted me what I asked of him."  

                1 Samuel 1:27

But yet, I am learning something about patience.

God has called us to this journey, 

and in those times of weakness and desperation,

we are given the opportunity to grow in Him.

Trust in Him.

Cast all our cares on Him.

"Cast all your anxiety on him 
because he cares for you." 1 Peter 5:7

Friday, June 6, 2014

Waiting on LOA

We are excited to have moved on to the second half of this paperwork pregnancy.

Our paperwork in now on the other side of the world.

We now wait for our Letter of Approval.

Please pray with us that we can bring this sweet girl home soon!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saying "yes" with His peace

Where I left off in our story of this adoption is how we determined we could move forward with Bryley's adoption without pertinent information regarding a brain tumor. Her medical file listed two special needs but the adoption agency shared minimal information about a brain tumor removal surgery stating no medical information was available. We were torn. We had nothing else to do but pray.

Through prayer, God moved my heart to contact some key people who impacted our decision. Just a few months prior to seeing Bryley's file, our daughter Raimey had her last heart surgery. She was in the Pediatric ICU for the better part of her twelve day stay. During this time, we met a valuable resource without even knowing what the future would hold. In talking about Raimey's adoption, this sweet nurse named Diana shared about a medical trip she had been on to Ch*na just a few weeks prior. She had met many children in medical care homes called Ch*na Little Flower. I loved hearing about the ways this team of doctors and nurses were moved to go work with the medically fragile orphans. We had so much in common and connected right much so that before we were nearing discharge from the PICU, I asked if I could stay in contact with her. I asked if she had a FB account and she said yes, I could find her on there.

In the days following, I did, in fact, befriend Diana on FB. I shared with her about my daughter's recovery and that was it. We were FB "friends" but otherwise lost contact.

Fast forward a couple months from October to December and sweet Diana came to mind. I wondered if there was any way SHE could have met our daughter on that medical trip to Ch*na. This would be like asking her to remember one animal at the zoo or one fish at the aquarium...probably less chance than finding a needle in a haystack, BUT GOD...

God had a plan and a purpose, for that trip and for our child. Not only did Diana remember our precious Bryley, she had taken pictures of her and we were able to know with certainty that the information she had was on our girl. Diana shared what she knew about the surgery and more importantly how Bryley was post-operative. She shared her optimism as well as her concerns. She gave us a clear picture so we could make an educated decision. She also reminded me of another nurse friend who was on the trip, and I contacted this special mama as well. She, too, not only remembered our Bryley, but had pictures and another several names to contact about how she was doing post-op.

To condense a very long story, I had a handful of pictures following brain tumor removal surgery, a video, and an up-to-date narrative of Bryley's current medical condition in my hands within a week.

We had contacted our Pediatrician, Pediatric Neurosurgeon and Pediatric Endocrinologist and beside a plan for future care....the information we received was what the possibilities for future care will be. No one can say with certainty because of the lack of history.

I must add that there was and is still uncertainty about physical delays and possible cognitive delays resulting from brain surgery...but after much prayer, Andy and I felt at peace saying "yes" and submitting our Letter of Intent to Ch*na to adopt Bryley.

And so it begins...the wait, the process, the journey, and the adventure.

We were thrilled to receive an update with some pictures and a video that indicate Bryley is doing well. She is stable. She is happy. She has mobility of her legs, even though we still haven't seen her walk. We did get an update saying she has started standing with assistance and pulling herself up using things to hold onto.

Oh my heart, I cannot wait to bring this girl home into our lives forever!

Sneak Peeks at Roo Roo...

Sneak Peeks at Roo Roo...

Raimey is from Qingdao, Shandong Province

Raimey is from Qingdao, Shandong Province

Our family of 5 on the famous red couch!

Our family of 5 on the famous red couch!

If you have time to watch & listen...let it touch your heart!