Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 ~ The Last Quarter in Review!

I don't know what happened to me the last few months...

I simply dropped of the face of the blogging world.

It has not been for any other reason than keeping busy with life.

So, in review, I thought I'd catch up on the last three months.

We had family pictures in December and these were my favorites.

The kids enjoyed decorating

(and gobbling up all the candy in the process)
their gingerbread house.

They did one together, which has always worked for two kids,

but perhaps with three...we should have had a second one.

There wasn't enough work surface for everyone at the same time.

(Note to self!)

 When I asked the kids for a picture in front of the Christmas tree, 

they quickly came up with a pyramid pose. I just had to laugh!

Raimey melted my heart on December 1st. 

She was  so excited about celebrating my birthday

and giving me gifts...that she loaded a box,

with all her favorite toys to give to me.

So sweet! She brought some tears to my eyes.

What a giver!

Additionally, my boys and hubby were very generous 

and made my day quite special.

This is a rare occasion and it was definitely

photo worthy and note-worthy.

I was leaving for an adoption conference when Raimey

got out of the shower, so I LOVED catching a glimpse of this.

Daddy's can do hair!

Raimey became quite the baker this year.

She loves rolling cookies with mommy...

and keeps me on my toes with her silliness!

 Justin had a great season of football,

and I was delighted when we finally got

discharged from the hospital

and Raimey and I could catch some games!

Raimey was a cheerleader for Halloween.

And this picture was just one month post-Fontan,

open-heart surgery. It serves as my "Ebenezar"...

or remembrance of how far God brought us.

She was wearing a Holter heart monitor,

her "pretty necklace", which was on to

determine if her little heart would need

a pacemaker. At this point, one more

open-heart surgery for pacemaker placement

looked like it was still in the near future.

Just as God does at times, in the last hour,

when we were approaching a surgery date, 

He touched her heart and she went back into

Sinus Rhythm, no longer needing a 

pacemaker.  Whoo-hoo!

Best. News. Ever.

It was sometime this year that I realized

how much our boys are growing up.

Their new skill sets this year that have clued me in...

using a power drill to carve a pumpkin,

chopping wood with an ax,

and perhaps noticing girls more than I'd like.


And, I have to end on this picture.

This was where I left off in my last posts.

We were still in the hospital for Raimey's heart surgery,

12 days after surgery, 

we were being discharged and

went to say good-bye to our friends,

Andrea and Rini.

Rini was newly adopted from China and her heart and health were failing fast.

We had enjoyed many visits between the 9th floor and 10th floor of Doernbecher Children's Hospital, but we were leaving and she was not. In fact, shortly after discharge, Rini was life-flighted to Seattle Children's where she would be evaluated for a heart transplant. There were many moments of doubt as to whether she'd be strong enough to be considered a candidate, but miraculously, she was accepted for a heart. And...even more miraculously, in less than three months from coming home from China, Rini received her new heart. Her story has been a testament of God's faithfulness and has reminded us how often God is there, even in the final hours. Her heart stopped more than once prior to transplant and she was on life support while waiting, and hoping, for a heart to come available. And it did. Rini received a new heart on November 13th and is still at Seattle Children's recovering. You can read her story here...

 I am excited about what 2014 holds not only for our family, but for so many others. Medical miracles, adoptions, pregnancies and births....the hope and possibilities are endless when we give them to God!

~ May He bless you and yours in 2014  ~

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  1. Great post Angie! :) Are you going to start another blog to welcome the newest addition?


Sneak Peeks at Roo Roo...

Sneak Peeks at Roo Roo...

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Raimey is from Qingdao, Shandong Province

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Our family of 5 on the famous red couch!

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